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"My lawyer told me my case got dismissed because the facts were bad. Tommy looked into it and realized that my lawyer had made a mistake and my case was dismissed. Tommy talked to me more in the first month than my old lawyer did over 3 years."Suzanne S.
"Tommy Pittenger and his team treat you like family. He takes the time to explain what is happening with your case and makes sure you understand. They are always responsive and keep you informed throughout the whole process."Maryann R.
"Tommy truly cares about helping his clients! He really worked hard and kept me informed throughout the whole legal process. I can't thank him and everyone at Pittenger Law enough for all they did for me and my family!!!"Aimee F.
"When my case wasn't handled correctly, the experts at Pittenger Law Firm were there to make sure I was taken care of. they were there for me in my time of need, and I'll never be able to thank them enough for the incredible job they did. I highly recommend them for all of your legal malpractice needs."Jared W.
"Tommy is one of us. He is a great lawyer who also knew what I was going thru. He always had time for me and my wife."Neil Y.
"I was hurt on a rig when a mud pump exploded and my leg was almost cut off. My lawyer never inspected the pump and didn’t hire the right expert and my case was dismissed. Tommy sued the lawyer and we won. Tommy knows what it’s like to work to pay the bills."Josh B.
"I hired one of those TV lawyers for my car wreck. He never took my calls and he never told what was going on. Finally, I got a letter telling me that he had waited too long to file the lawsuit. He tried to blame me. I called Tommy and he got the results I deserved."Mike P.