Burn Injury

If you’ve suffered a burn injury you deserve help from a trusted and experienced burn litigation attorney to help you fight for your rights.

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Legal Malpractice

If a lawyer has made a mistake in your case or dispute, they should be held accountable and you should be made whole.

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About Tommy

Known as an experienced and trusted litigator across the state of Louisiana, Tommy stands ready to help you fight for your rights.

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What Clients Are Saying

I was burned when my forklift came into contact with a power line. Tommy knew how to fight the responsible parties and kept me in the loop during the entire case. He understands burn cases.

Peter G.

Tommy is one of us. He is a great lawyer who also knew what I was going thru. He always had time for me and my wife.

Neil Y.

My lawyer told me my case got dismissed because the facts were bad. Tommy looked into it and realized that my lawyer had made a mistake and my case was dismissed. Tommy talked to me more in the first month than my old lawyer did over 3 years.

Suzanne S.

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If you’ve suffered a burn injury or damages resulting from your lawyer’s malpractice, contact Tommy. He and his litigation team want to help you.